Dog Ideas – Dog Collar With Bow

Dog Ideas – Dog Collar With Bow

Dog Collar With BowA designer dog collar like a rhinestone dog collar or a leather dog collar can give your pet a great look. It can come with a nice design and even a space for hanging a tag or charm on it. You can even find some collars with reflective features that make it easier for you to spot your dog while in the dark.

But one of the more interesting options you can get are dog collars with bow ties on them. A dog collar bow tie is made to feature a bow tie look at the front. This is already tied up and will create a fancy look.

This is ideal for use in a variety of events. You can have your dog wear one while hosting people for a special event. You can also prepare it for when you are taking your dog with you to a social event or to a dog park to meet other dogs. Whatever the case is, your dog will look like a total charmer when wearing a collar with a dog bow tie.

Today there are a number of dog collars that have bows on them. These all come with unique designs and patterns. They even have a few accents here and there to create a classy look all the way through. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the different dog collars with bows that you can order.

Lionet Paws Collar with Bowtie

Lionet Paws Collar with BowtieOne great part of dog collars with bows is that they come in a variety of patterns. This option from Lionet comes in five patterns including with blue or pink tones or even in an American flag pattern and can add a good look that creates a fancy style all the way through when used right and with care.

This is made with a cotton body while the buckle features a stainless steel body. This bow can also be attached to any collar you have without having to make any special changes to that first collar. You can also wash this with water and soap.

Bingpet BA2041 Diamond Bow Tie Collar

Bingpet BA2041 Diamond Bow Tie CollarA lady dog will certainly look stunning in this collar. Available in black, pink, or red and also in three sizes, this bow tie collar has a square crystal design in the center part of the bow. There are also a few simulated gems on the rest of the collar.

This is made with a number of rhinestones that offer a nice shine without costing as much as traditional diamonds.

The rhinestones are all perfectly stitched into the collar. They are particularly double-stitched to ensure that they will not slip out. It is best to wash the collar by hand so you will not risk those stones falling out while you are taking care of it.

Dogs Kingdom Houndstooth Rose Flower Collar

Dogs Kingdom Houndstooth Rose Flower CollarThe bow design on a collar can come in a variety of shapes. This particular option from Dogs Kingdom features a rose flower-patterned bow in the middle. It has a bright red tone that mixes in well with the black and white found on the rest of the collar. It is even paired with a few simulated crystals.

This is available in small and medium sizes. It also has an easy to adjust buckle on the back part. The houndstooth pattern on the collar also adds a beautiful design that mixes the black and white colors together.

Dotted Paws Dog Collar with Bow

Dotted Paws Dog Collar with BowIt only takes a moment to get the release buckle on this Dotted Paws collar to open or close. The nylon fabric moves quickly and is easy to adjust. It will not bother your dog while wearing it either provided that it is on properly with a good fit all the way through.

Neoprene padding is also included to add a comfortable body. This creates a more comfortable feeling. The bow will also stay intact as it is carefully tied up and should not be all that hard to use.

This is available in three sizes. You can find it in one of five colors as well. A series of white dots are evenly spread out on each collar to create a detailed look. This establishes a beautiful tone that spreads itself out all around the entire body of the bow.

Blueberry Pet Soft and Comfortable Paisley Flower Print Collar

Blueberry Pet Soft and Comfortable Paisley Flower Print CollarAnother good look, this comes with four different patterns. These come with light and dark blue, tan, and purple tones while the bow part includes some floral artistic features all around.

The collar uses a polyester body that is sturdy and doesn’t wear out fast. It also uses recycled plastic on the buckles to help you fasten or loosen the collar as necessary.

Keys For Buying a Collar

Although these dog collars with bows are great to have, you must watch carefully for what you are buying. There Are Several Safety Points That Have To Be Used When Getting A Collar Ready:

  • Only buy a collar that can actually fit your dog’s neck properly. Do not buy anything that might be too loose in its body.
  • Check on how well the collar can be secured. Don’t leave your dog unattended while that dog is wearing one of these collars as some models might tighten if touched improperly.
  • Avoid adding any leashes onto a collar unless the collar in particular says you can add them.
  • Watch for any loose features that might be on a collar. This is especially true if a rhinestone on a collar or other decorative feature is at risk of falling off. You will have to remove it immediately so the part will not be a choking hazard to your dog.

A great collar will make your dog stand out from the rest of the pack. A fun collar with a bow will add a nice look. Check out all of these fun dog collars with bows today and see which one you feel would look best on your lovely dog.

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