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Colorful Dog Bow Tie CollarsDog clothes are all the rage. But what about those awesome dog accessories? A high quality dog collar can give your dog a brilliant appearance.

How about a stunning rhinestone collar, leather collar, a designer dog collar, or even that all-important Christmas dog collar? It can also do well with a small bell or identification tag on it.

Sometimes, however, you might have a plan to bring your dog with you on a special occasion. Maybe you have something special going on in your home and you need to get your dog to look their best. One accessory that you can have your dog wear is a beautiful dog bow tie collar.

This is a type of collar that has a bow tie feature right in the middle. The high quality tie has already been tied up on the collar. This can be affixed around your dog’s neck just like with any other kind of collar. There is a number of appealing dog bow tie collars that you can have for your dog to wear. These options are made with nice designs and add a fun touch for your dog to spot anywhere.


You Must Look At A Few Pointers When Getting Such Bow Tie Collars Ready For Your Dog:

Eyesonme Adjustable Dog Bow tie

Adjustable Dog Bow tieThis first choice is from eyesonme and is made with a comfortable cotton blend with a slight polyester accent. This uses a Velcro closure that is easy to adjust.

This can be adjusted quickly to fit a dog’s neck girth without problems. It is ideal for small and large dogs alike.  This comes with a white collar while the bow tie part is black. This adds a nice color contrast that fits in well. A red option is also available.

Yagopet Pet Dog Bowties

Yagopet Pet Dog BowtiesYagopet sells its dog bow ties in a series of colors and patterns that are organized in packs of ten each. The neck size can be adjusted from 10 to 18 inches, thus making this appropriate for small and large dogs alike.

Each bowtie has a snapping lock feature that allows you to secure the bow tie around the dog’s neck while also being able to adjust it. This is easy to fix and secure quickly. They are all made with polyester materials that can be easily washed by hand.

The patterns used on each of these bow ties include a number of festive looks. These include options with plaid and line effects. They come in many colors including both light and dark tones for different occasions.

TopTie Polka Dots Bow Ties

TopTie Polka Dots Bow TiesAnother set of ten ties, TopTie has made this with a number of handsome polka dot effects. These include a few designs with dog-shaped dots for the most part.

These typically entail a darker base with a lighter series of accents all around. This offers a comfortable look that gives a dog a great style to sport.Each bow tie is made with a polyester material. These fit many dogs well as it can fit a neck with a girth from 8 to 16 inches on average.

Amajiji Formal Dog Bow Ties

Formal Dog Bow TiesWhen looking for something a little fancier, you can always stick with one of the solid color ties available from Amajiji. This company sells its dog bow ties in many colors like red, black, pink, white, and gray.

Each of these ties from the company fits a neck from 10.5 to 18 inches in size, thus making it suitable for medium and large breeds. This can be washed by hand but you should not wash it in a machine or you might ruin it.

This is made with a fully polyester fabric as well. It offers a sturdy body that does not tear easily. The fabric on the collar part of the tie matches up with the front as well.

Pupteck Adjustable Bow Tie with Bell Charm

Adjustable Bow Tie with Bell CharmPupteck sells this particular bowtie set with two pieces. The first features a blue body with some yellow accents. The second is dark red with a few lighter tones around its body.

Each of these bow ties features polyurethane leather on the inside part while a polyester material is used on the outside. The alloy buckle allows you to adjust the bow tie so it fits well around your dog’s neck. It can be adjusted for 8 to 10 inches in size.

This comes with a nice bell charm on it. This comes with a golden design that is comfortable and lets off a gentle sound as your dog comes around. You can always get the bell removed from it if you don’t have a need for it.

Lillypet Bling Rhinestone Collar

Lillypet Bling Rhinestone CollarThis last choice is a fancy option that uses a series of rhinestones or simulated artificial gems. These come in a few sizes and are arranged around the bow tie front. It has a metallic front with a gold-like look to add a classy style to the collar.

This is available in two sizes although they are both made with smaller breeds in mind. The collar is made with an alloy material that is soft and flexible and yet easy to wash by hand. It comes in a black, blue, pink, or yellow color. Each shade has a light tone that isn’t too intense or unusual in its look and creates a comfortable appearance all the way around.

Check out all of these options when finding great colorful dog bowtie collars. Each of these options are beautiful and fun to have for your dog but do make sure you find ones that are easy to care for and can fit around your dog’s neck with ease. Your dog will look handsome when the right type of bow tie is being used for any special occasion.

DogPraise.Com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to