Best Flea Bombs And Foggers

Best Flea Bombs And Foggers

A flea bomb, bug bomb, or fogger is something that you can use in your home to kill all sorts of fleas that may attack your pets. These include fleas and larvae that hide in your carpets, pet bedding, and other upholstery and might harm your pets.

For total flea control, a bomb or fogger can be applied all around your home and in the carpets to release insecticides that will kill off adult fleas, ticks, and other infestations. It gets its name for how it produces a strong fog in your home. This helps you to kill off various insects. It does do well when moving around a variety of tight spaces as the pesticides inside it move around well enough.

This is a powerful tool but no two bombs or foggers are ever alike. You have to look around when finding a flea bomb or fogger that works right. We’ll be taking a look at a few great options in this review as well as a few critical aspects you must follow regardless of what you use.

Two Key Points

There Are Two Essential Things To See With Regards To A Flea Bomb, Fogger, Or Bug Bomb For Total Flea Control:

  1. You have to look at how well it can get around your property to kill fleas and other pests.
  2. It should also have something that helps to inhibit or limit the growth of pests in your home. This includes the growth of pests.

A great product like this will help you protect your dog for a while, but it’s a necessity to look at the right choices that are available for your use.

Hot Shot 20177 No-Mess! Fogger

Hot Shot 20177 No Mess! FoggerThe first choice to see is this option from Hot Shot. A single fogger will cover about 2,000 cubic feet of space.

It uses a dry fog compound that keeps messes from being a problem. It moves quickly into a variety of spaces as it uses smaller particles to get deep into numerous spots.

It does not stain surfaces in your home. This is also a non-flammable option. This can be used in homes with pilot lights and it will not cause any fire hazards when applied properly.

Adams Plus Flea And Tick Indoor Fogger

Adams Plus Flea And Tick Indoor FoggerFor long-lasting relief, this fogger from Adams will be the right option. This offers protection against fleas and other pests from about seven months on average. This non-staining solution does well against both fleas and flea eggs alike.

This does not leave any difficult compounds or residues on many surfaces. It is also very easy for people to spray and administer onto a variety of surfaces, thus making for a strong design.

Raid 41654 Flea Fogger

Raid 41654 Flea FoggerSC Johnson has been selling many pest control products for the home under the Raid name for a while now. This particular fogger lasts for up to four months as its small particles move through a variety of surfaces around your home.

It kills fleas on target and prevents eggs from developing or growing. This does not leave any odors that linger for far too long nor will it stain your walls.

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise SprayMade by Wellmark International, this is a spray that works around about 2,000 cubic feet of room.It kills fleas immediately and also applies a growth regulator that kills flea eggs.

This also helps to prevent new flea eggs from being easy for such pests to lay them around your home later on. The growth regulator works for about seven months on average after the spray is applied.

Hartz UltraGuard Plus Home Fogger

Hartz UltraGuard Plus Home FoggerThis next choice for a home fogger offers protection for about six months after it is used. It is very versatile for how it can kill off an extensive variety of pests.

It not only takes care of fleas but also ticks, bed bugs, and much more. This does best against smaller pests though.

Zoecon Precor Plus Fogger

Zoeco Precor Plus FoggerAnother popular choice for a fogger, this is best for use in smaller properties. It can target about 750 square feet of space in one use. This works on fleas of all sizes. It will not leave any difficult odors around your home.

A Few Key Points

No matter which flea bomb you choose to apply in your home, you have to look at a few particular points for making it work:

  • Remember that such a product is not designed to treat the fleas that are already on your dog’s body. You will have to use a separate shampoo or other treatment product to take care of a flea infestation on your dog’s body. You can always use such a treatment while you are outside of the house so you can prevent new fleas from getting back in when you return.
  • Be certain when applying a flea bomb or fogger that your home is properly sealed. This is to allow the flea bomb to move through the entire space without becoming weak.
  • Make sure the treatment is administered evenly around the house. This is to allow the pesticides to move around well and to cover every room. The product will not be as effective and could pollute the outside air if you allow any openings around your home to come about.
  • You will have to get out of the house for the next two to four hours. This is to allow the treatment to move its way through your house. It can be dangerous for anyone to be inside a home while the fogger is being released.
  • Check your surfaces after a treatment is completed to see if there are any residues left around your home.
  • You should also move anything edible out of your home before using a bomb or fogger. This includes any toys that your dog might carry around in one’s mouth.

Remember when using a flea bomb or fogger that you are careful. It is not too hard to get a great product to clear out fleas so your dog will be safe but do be certain that you are careful. Also, make sure when getting such a pest control product ready that you take the right precautions.

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