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Whether you have a standard poodle, a puppy, a miniature poodle, a toy poodle, or a pedigree, a poodle’s beautiful hair is something to be proud of. Poodles are famous for having hair that is flexible and can be shaped in many ways and brushing with a quality brush like a bristle brush is very important.

Perhaps you might have taken inspiration from some of the many dog shows and magazines out there that show well-groomed poodles with their own unique coat styles. But in order for you to get your poodle’s hair to look its best and look like a professional groomer, you have to get a quality brush to take care of it. Before you get out those clippers to shave its fur and nails, here are a few useful options to consider when finding a brush for poodle use and retain that awesome poodle look.

A Few Key Choices

Before finding the best brush for poodles, you should look at a few basic styles. These Are All Different In Terms Of How They Are Build But They Can All Be Effective When Used Right:

These are all good options to have but it is a necessity to look at some of the more specific models that are available. Here are a few of the more commonplace options to see.

PetPawJoy Slicker Brush

PetPawJoyThe brush has pins that are slightly curved. This allows the comb to move through the coat quite well.

Best of all, it is easier on the dog’s skin. Your poodle will not feel irritated by the pins as they move along.

In fact, this helps with gently massaging your poodle’s skin, thus improving blood circulation and preventing possible skin diseases from developing.

Li’l Pals Slicker Brush

slicker brushAnother slicker brush, this is made with a series of pins that have plastic tips. These are easy on the dog’s skin as they are smooth and won’t get stuck all that easily. The bristles will especially contour to the dog’s body.

This works best on smaller dog breeds. It can work well on your poodle and can especially do well if your poodle is partially shaved and you need to get around smaller spots where there is hair to comb. You would need plenty of long strokes that go in the direction that the hair is growing in so many sure you use this model properly.

Cooper + Chloe Dog And Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Cleaning slicker brushThis is a slicker brush designed with a self-cleaning body. It is great for poodles and mixes as well as huskies among other breeds. As you push a button on the back of its head, the base will move outward so the bristles will not be as prominent.

This gives you the opportunity to clean off all the hair and other things that your brush has caught. This ensures that you can get enough hair off of your poodle without struggling to clean off your brush regularly.

The bristles on this slicker brush are comfortable and easy to use. You will also have an easy time handling the brush as it has a soft and comfortable grip. The brush head is about three inches wide. This should be enough to cover much of the dog’s coat.

Safari Pin Brush For Dogs

Safari pin brush for dogsThis next brush is available in two different sizes. It uses a soft plastic handle with a series of gripping spots on its body. This helps you to keep a good grip on the brush. This lifts out hair and debris in your dog’s coat.

It is very easy to use but you must be certain when applying it on your dog’s coat that you are not overly rough on it. Still, it works well if your poodle’s hair tends to grow out a little long in certain areas.

FETrelax Pet Grooming Deshedding Slicker Pin Brush

best slicker pin brushThis next option has a design that combines the head and bristles of a pin brush with the handle arrangement of a slicker brush.

The wooden body made with strong beech materials. It offers a contoured handle while still being light in weight.

The cushion comes with a rectangular shape that is about 3.5 inches long and half as wide. This gives you a comfortable handle while being flexible in terms of how you can move it around your dog’s coat.

Mihachi Professional Dematting Comb

Professional Dematting CombThis last option works as a rake brush that can get through many snags and mats in your dog’s coat with ease. It uses a round head with a series of sharp blades that pull hairs with ease. It has rounded ends that are easy on the skin without being too rough.

The lower side of the comb is used for taking care of mats that are normally hard to remove. The higher side is used when you need to remove hair that your poodle is shedding.

This all works with an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip onto. Be certain when finding the best brush for poodles that you compare options based on what they are to be used for. Different kinds of brushes are made with specific needs in mind.

DogPraise.Com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to